Saturday, May 31, 2008

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

Hi Al,
In an e-mail I received from Dan Aspromonte he mentions that you have been very ill. Although we have never met and our only contact has been via e-mail I want to wish you a very speedy and complete recovery.

I have spent many enjoyable hours surfing the Torricella Peligna web site that you and Dan have created. I am constantly amazed at how informative, complete, and well designed it is. It truly is one of the best web sites on the Internet.

Get well soon,
Gary Persichetti

Friday, May 30, 2008

A simple prayer

It's that time of day again...When our cell phone alarms go off to remind us to pray...Here's the one that makes it easier for me....Short and sweet... Whatever you believe in. 'You gave us a rare gift when you created Al Porreca....A wounderful Husband, brother, father, uncle. friend, etc. Please bring him comfort and recovery. Let his life be full, and complete for many years to come. And please take away his craving for candy bars..Amen

Best wishes from The Walnistas (Bob, Tina, Zach and Bella)

Al and Lee

My mom has been keeping us up-to-date on your progress, and we are wishing you the best...!! You are in our thoughts and prayers, and here's hoping you can get out of that hospital soon, and back on the golf course....!! Great to hear that the surgery went well, now let's hope for a nice recovery...!!

Best wishes

Bob, Tina, Zach and Bella!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best wishes from Bob and Mary Sue Duca


Nancy Walnista, a very old friend of ours, says she knows you. But...since she's prone to incredible exaggerations, we're never quite sure she's telling us the real story! She say's she's known you since the old days in "The Region" and that your wife is the real family over-achiever and that she's been covering for you since you were first married. Actually, Nancy says you like to just lie around on the couch...and that somewhere there's a picture of you doing just that!

Nancy also said that you have recently lifted the art of malingering to new heights and that it's about time you get up out of bed and start doing something worthwhile for your wife...for a change!

Mary Sue and I send you our very best wishes, and our prayers, that you will soon be able to do just that! God Bless,

Great News - From Steve and Sandi

Hi Lee, Al and the Family

Absolutely great news about the surgery. Everyday is a little step forward to getting back to a normal life with the family and friends. It really dose not matter how long the journey is, except that the journey continues. We try to keep in touch with Lee via the phone and can hear in her voice the ups and downs of her emotions. But, there is always a sound of, he will make it and life will go on. Your Mom is a tough lady!!

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you journey through this adventure with your dad and husband.

If you are reading this to Al, please heighten your voice:

" My old friend, my prayers are with you and I know you are not the kind of person to allow this situation to keep you down too long. The last time we played golf, you got my by one stoke and I look forward to playing again. Perhaps, I can get you and Lee down to my condo for a long weekend of playing golf, drinking and socializing. So get better old friend."

We love you guys and hang in there, for the future of better times.

Steve and Sandi

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yea Ha!!!

Great news!! Prayer does work. Much love and prayers from Tucson, AZ. Judie Bass

Great News!

Dad came through the surgery with flying colors. The doctors say it was not as badly decayed as they thought. It was moderate and they were able to clean it all up today. No need to go back in and do more clean-up - this is excellent news.

He continues to amaze us all with his ability to beat this. He is still on all support systems so that his body has a chance to heal. Hopefully, all news going forward will be about recovery.

Your prayers and positive thoughts no doubt helped him through this, so don't stop now! We love you all and really appreciate all you are doing for my dad.

He was right - he is truly "Stayin' Alive" !

Much love

Surgery Today

Hi, all,

Dad goes for surgery today at around 3 pm. They are going to try and remove some of the dead pancreatic tissue to help him along with his recovery. Please keep him and the surgical team in your prayers. Love, The Porreca Family

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love from England

Hallo to Al, Lee and all the family from some of the English Porrecas - I live in Littlehampton on the south coast of England, my sons live one in Brighton, one Sandwich and my daughter is here with me; we are on Greenwich mean time - we'll be sending our thoughts and prayers winging to you each day at 9:33 local time each morning and each evening and at other odd times in between too, as and when they arise, I for one often think about you my good friend, Al, almost big brother, possibly distant cousin several times removed and by marriage, but close none-the-less.
Very much love
Marion Porreca.

Prayers from Illinois

Hi Al,

We wanted to let you know our Couples Bible Study prayed for you again last Friday night. It's helpful to have Michelle keep us updated so we know what to pray for. We're praying for your whole family because we know how hard it is to have someone you love be sick. We're also praying the doctors will make the best possible decisions for your care. We're looking forward to the time when we will hear the good news that you will be going home. I leave you with a verse from Phillipians 4:6 & 7, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Barb & Eric

9:33 - Power in Numbers! Tell us where you are...

Okay, all, My dad is focused on his revcovery and we all know how amazing he is so put your worries aside and please focus on positive energy and healing. I'm trying!! My mom has been my role model on that one. She just knows that my dad would never leave her here. So take her lead as well and help her keep him here.

Many of you know my dad had 2 knees replaced a year ago (?) and really worked hard on not getting an infection. He studied it and he didn't get an infection . He is the master of no infections, so I am glad this is what he is up against. He knows how to do this one. He is awesome. We have changed the name of his floor from ICU to IFU. Infection FU.

We can help him by sending him positive energy. Maureen gets all the credit for this one and I love it...if you remember, every day at 9:33 am and pm please send out some prayers and positive thoughts to him. Please include the doctors and nurses who are taking good care of him. Don't feel bad if you miss - I just missed the 9:33 am one today and it just started. See, we really need your help!

I realize we have some time zone issues. No worries, there will be enough of you in your time zone to get it done. This ensures that it's a sort of a round the clock movement. I like it even more.

Post a comment to this post to tell us what country and time zone you are in! Post by clicking on the "x comments" words below. There will be a place to post your comment. Don't make any typos - my dad will find them and make fun of you.

Love, love, love...The Porreca Family

We love you Al!

We love you, Al, and want you to know how much we are pulling for you! You are on our prayer chain at church and we will definitely be joining your other loved ones for prayer at 9:33. I believe in very specific prayers so I will be praying for your speedy and complete recovery and that you will be home enjoying a family cookout on Father's Day! Love you Al and Lee!
Susan and Ed

Monday, May 26, 2008

A happy memorial day!

NO INFECTION! They drained some fluid from his abdomen and there is no infection - just lots of fluid. This is very good news. He does not need surgery today. Please keep praying for him.

My wonderful cousin Maureen organized an army to pray for my dad today at noon
and the power of numbers must have done the trick. So thank you and keep on praying and sending positive thoughts to Dad and his giant belly.

I was thinking every day at 9:33 we could pray as a group. am and pm
If you can and/or if you remember - think of him on his magic number! He is working so hard to get back to us. Please help give him the push he needs from us right now.

We give him all your love,
Michelle and family
Hi Al, Lee and Family,
Sorry for the setback and looking forward to hearing you are getting better every day! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Susan and Ed

Thank you Michelle

Thanks for keeping us updated Michelle. I know this is a hard time for you, between your own family and helping your Mom, and I'm sure the roller coaster ride you are going thru with your Dad. You must hear twenty things good and bad before you get a chance to type here. This is the only way we can make sense of this without being annoying to you guys. Your ability to be your usual "funny" self is a great comfort to everyone as well. Please get better Uncle Al, I have an issue with a Bunny that has never been resolved.......

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Update

Hi, all

Dad continues his battle. He is still in serious condition. He had a few good days where he was making slow progress, but has been placed back in ICU because he was having trouble breathing.
His abdomen is very swollen and this places pressure on his lungs. This is why he needs the oxygen mask.
His voice and thoughts are stronger and clearer - loud and clear we know he wants out of there!

Let's hope it is soon.

Love to all, Michelle and family

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saluti from Gabriella and Donato in Torricella

Al, we wish you a full and very speedy recovery! Gabriella and Donato

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hi Al,
So you know, we are praying for you and are glad that you are progressing for the better.
When I came from Italy, I suffered a quasi similar situation and was saved by having the gallbladder drained.
All the best,
Joe Cionni

I'm Still Alive - A message from Al!

A direct quote from my dad....

"I really appreciate everyone's messages and good wishes. For awhile there I wasn't so sure that I was going to be able to answer them. But, here I am - stayin alive, stayin alive, oooh, ooh, oooh, oooooh, stayin aliiiiiiivvveeee!"

I added the ooh, ooh, ooh's but he definitely sang. Good day today!

He has moved out of ICU to a progressive care room - still isolated so no roommate. Good, more room for us. Mom is going to try and stick with 11 - 5 visits or so we say. She is getting very tired, as you can imagine. Dad's not all that happy to be there either so let's get him out of there! Pray for pancreas to heal quickly and NO INFECTIONS. He will get stronger every day and slowly make his way to rehab and then home - gall bladder surgery somewhere in there.

Stay Alive!


Monday, May 19, 2008

La Fornace

Dear Al,
Thanks to Antonio we've solved the "fornace" mystery and have added another footnote:-
[3] “La fornace” “The Kiln” is the house that lies on the right of the road leading to the Monastery, at the fork between the road that goes towards Palena and the lane that goes to the Monastery.
About 70 – 80 years ago, there was a small factory that built tiles and bricks there. The owner was Germana Piccone’s father.
The bricks and tiles were made by firing clay in a kiln, hence the name “La fornace” “The Kiln”.
Nowadays that part of the land itself is called “The Kiln” “La fornace”.
So I was right to have queried the word and my choices were good too - but I think Kiln is the best - even if it is not there any longer!
I wonder if the Romans had a kiln in that area too - maybe we'll need to do some digging to find out??
Keep on getting better,
Marion Porreca.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear Al,
I am so pleased to hear that you are getting better and better all the time.
To help cheer you up even more, I though you might like to see the translation of the latest News from Torricella - that Antonio posted on the Forum....
Much love from England,
Marion Porreca.
From Antonio Piccoli:

Usually I write these little newsy notes for the Website, but, at the moment, this is at a standstill. Whilst waiting for it to take up its activities again as soon as possible, for now, I shall transfer this to the Forum.

Sunday 11th May was a beautiful, warm sunny day in Torricella. From up on the “Coste” there was a spectacle of nature, there was not a cloud in the sky, the countryside was an emerald green and the peaks of the Maiella were snow-white.

The Pro Loco hit things just right for their first Ecological Day. To foretell that it would be such a wonderful day at Torricella was wonderful luck. There were about fifty of us, boys and girls, youths and older people. Everyone came well equipped with gardening gloves, sticks, brooms and bush-cutters. They agreed to meet at 7 o’clock in the morning to give a thorough clean-up to “The Coste”, the oldest part of Torricella, which unfortunately still carries the scars from the last war and which sadly underwent the worst of the depopulation of the 50’s and 60’s. The plan was to clean the many green corners dotted about amongst the calcareous rock walls, the old houses and the stone walls, removing brushwood, metal netting, rusty metal, abandoned who knows how long ago, and to transform it all into small, gracious terraces full of flowers and colours. Already after the first few hours of work, the results were evident.

I do not know how it ended since I had to leave early, but the according to the programme they would be working at least until 2 o’clock and then would go to rooms in the elementary school to take some refreshments of rolls, porchetta, broad beans and lamb, offered by the Town Hall.

This was the first endeavour of the new Pro Loco. Founded at the beginning of April, it already has 183 members. It was a true success with unexpected support. A demonstration once more, as if there were need of it, of how much Torricellans love their own village and of how generous they are in putting themselves at the disposition of others for undertakings that can give back a certain polish and vitality to their place of birth.

The feeling spurring on these young people is that of making life better for those who live there, and also to make the village more welcoming for those who decide to come here for the summer or during the year.

During last year’s electoral campaign, the Mayor, Tiziano Teti, spoke of a pathway to be undertaken in order to achieve the “Orange Flag” (“Bandiera arancione”)[1] and this effort is certainly a good beginning.

By the way, anyone who wishes to join and to help Torricella, just needs to ask the President, Antonio Di Fabrizio (di tup), or the Treasurer, Giose Di Iorio (di la casette). Annual membership costs 15 Euros. The headquarters is obviously in Torricella, at via Michele Persichetti, 1.

There was also another motive for cleaning the “Coste”: that of starting to prepare this “location” for the great event programmed for 18th and 19th July; when the “Art, Music and Flavours” exhibition will be organised along the streets of the old quarter, with various art exhibits, from paintings to photographs, music recitals and stands with typical products of the village and of the Region. Then the highlight of the event will take place during the night between the 19th (Saturday) and the 20th (Sunday): the “Notte bianca” (“White Night))[2] with festivities such as music and many other initiatives throughout the night, continuing until dawn.

There is great activity in Torricella and there are many appointments to be organised in the programme, to be put into practice in June, July and August. For example, on 8the June there will be an ecological walk; on 22nd June there will be a track event, both a competitive 13 Km race and a non-competitive 3 Km stroll. A famous Abruzzan athlete, Alberico Di Cecco, who runs at National level, will be present for the race; on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd August the third literary festival dedicated to John Fante will be held; on 13th August there will be the award for “Torricellan in the World”, followed by the Pranzo della Tresca, (the meal of the Harvest or Threshing). There are many other events yet to be defined, such as a theatrical show, probably a concert dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini, in addition to the usual feast days for the Patron Saints, the Alpini and the walk to the Monastery that we of the Forum are organising.

Here are another two items of news:
Firstly, Don Peppino, Torricella’s Parish Priest, has announced that, thanks to intervention from the Archbishop of Chieti, Bruno Forte, money for the Church of San Giacomo has finally arrived, out of the 8 per 1,000 funds of the CEI, Italian Episcopal Conference. It is 80,000 Euros. It may not be much, but enough to repair the roof of the left nave. The firm Taddeo, which repaired the other part of the roof, has already been booked. The work should commence at the end of May and be finished in August. Hopefully, the money will suffice and no other work will be necessary, otherwise there will have to be a Commission to collect further funds.
Secondly, this summer the picnic area near to the ?furnace / ?brickworks / ?kiln will be open again. Its management has been acquired by Massimiliano Nicolò (di lu mediche), a young married man of about thirty from Rome, whose parents are Torricellans; he has decided to live in Torricella. Rebuilding, cleaning and setting it up has already begun; there will be a five-aside football pitch; it will be like a Tavola Calda by day and a Pub by night, with beer and live music. Later, if all goes well, he intends to build some bungalows and set up places for sleeping.

With all this news, I have felt a sensation of renewed vitality; it is as if there were more people in Torricella.

Maybe this is another reason why many people are deciding to buy houses there – English and Torricellans too: Tonino Monte, Mario Di Fabrizio, Mario and Loredana Croce. After all, with 40 – 50 thousand Euros one can buy a nice little house on the Coste, rebuild it and make oneself a nice “retreat” for the weekend, for the summer and also for spending periods of tranquillity in a beautiful, revitalised, uncontaminated environment … and it is our home.
Who could want anything more?

Oh! I nearly forgot that Sunday 11th May was Mother’s Day and at the ONARMO in Torricella volunteers from the AIC, the Italian Association for the fight against Cancer, set up a stall to sell Azalea plants, and, as all over Italy, to raise money for the Association. I do not know how many of them were sold but I can say that there was a very long queue and I had to wait ages to buy one.

The next item of news concerns me personally: On 27th July there will be a Festa for all those born in 1948. We shall be 60 years old, a nice “winning post”. The two people organising it are Pietro D'Ippolito (di carrare) e Peppe Di Paolo (di marcunette).
Do you know how many of us were born in 1948? There were 97!!! Yet nowadays there are only about 7 or 8 births each year. Certainly, the population was larger then, about 4,000, whereas now there are only 1,500, but the size of population alone does not justify such a big difference. I reckon rather that it was because it was immediately after the War and the village needed to be “rebuilt”. Some died at birth or in early childhood, because infant mortality was still fairly high, which was another reason for the high birth rate, but many of us are still alive and healthy. Pietro told me that he has sent out a good 70 invitations all over the World, from Canada to Australia, as well of course as to Italy.

The party will be held at the Capè Restaurant and it will be enlivened with music and dancing. I too am taking this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to all Torricellans of my age to come and make their presence felt.

Furthermore, I would really like to have any photos from when we were young and best of all ones with all of us at the Elementary School. We can make an exhibit for the occasion.

Antonio Piccoli.

A really sad loss hit Torricella suddenly when Mario Ficca died unexpectedly despite rapid medical assistance. He was an Accountant, well known in Torricella for his calmness and for his professional and political abilities. This event shook many people in the village and there were a very large number of people taking part in the funeral procession.

Translator’s Notes:

is the mark of quality for the tourist environment in Italy awarded by the Italian Touring Club.
It is given to localities satisfying certain criteria in the development of a tourism of quality.
Evaluation of culture, care in safeguarding the environment, hospitality, accessibility and availability of resources, quality of accommodation, eating facilities and typical local products, are only some of the key elements necessary to obtaining this mark.
The Orange Flag is one of the instruments with which the Touring Club offers tourists a guarantee of quality and it is an instrument for evaluating the localities.

[2] Notte Bianca is an initiative of various countries around the world. The phrase "Notte Bianca" comes from Italian and means White Night. The Night would consist of various activities throughout a whole night. Most of the time this is accompanied with late public transport and great security around the city. It is a thoroughly modern concept and only began around the World in 1997 in Berlin; 2002 in Paris, 2005 in Rome and another 5 European Cities. This year it is even in Torricella!
Actually the first notte bianca was held in 1833 at Lanciano in Abruzzo and even now, after over 150 years, that still takes place on the night between 13th and 14th September.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Day, Thursday.....

A good day today. Sitting in a chair, doing therapy and talking a bit. This is much better than yesterday. They drained some fluid from his abdomen today and he should feel some relief.
The doctors say he is making progress so naturally we are pleased. However, he is is still not as fun as he used to be. We'll have him make it up to us - sand cars for everyone! See you at the beach.

Still no word on any surgery which is fine by us.

Time and patience....we are learning lessons daily.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Update

What to say? Progress is definitely too slow for our liking, but moving in the right direction. Keep those prayers and positive vibes coming - he wants out - asap. He needs some uplifting, so send him some happy thoughts!

Mom continues to do her daily shifts from 11 - 6 pm. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later if dad is up to it. She is too tired to make stops after the hospital, but if you wanted to stop by with a bottle of wine and a pizza I'll bet she'd love to see your face at her door.

Thanks so much to all of you.

Love, Michelle

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Live from New's Saturday Night High!

Dad had a great day today! As you would expect he is annoyed and wants out, but he was talking and joking (in between naps) and we all left tonight feeling like he has turned the corner.
Just in time for his close-up with Jeffrey. We always knew he was the favorite.

Mom floated home as did the rest of us. Happy Mother's Day to all!



Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Dad continues to make tiny improvements. This sounds better than it looks. He is still very tired and sore everywhere and it is difficult to understand his words. This is all to be expected but we all can't wait to see him jump out of bed! Not sure when that will be, so for now we'll take smiles and head nods.

He did have physical therapy today and I heard he was sitting up and had his legs over the side of the bed. Considering he hasn't moved in over 3 weeks, this is awesome! We are sure he is pleased to be doing his exercises. Saturday they hope to get him in a chair. I'm sure he'll be happy to get out of that bed. I can't wait to see him and get my smile on Saturday!

His nieces, nephews, brothers, cousins, in-laws, friends etc have been so supportive. He surely is well-loved. This makes us happy but my mom misses her boyfriend. So get up dad....we're all waiting patiently. You have until Sunday when Jeff gets here.

PS No bedsore - the one that started has been cleared by his wonderful nurse, Anne!

Love, Michelle

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ciao Alberto!!!

Dear Al,

I miss you and your daily messages a lot. The site is so quiet now, that I can't wait for you to get back on your feet and start talking to us again. Please hurry up with your recovery - we are all wishing you the very best.

With much affection, Angie

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Helloooo.....You aren't feeling very well right now and won't even know that I'm typing to you. which is a good thing because that means you are "healing"...Ha! I'm a little upset about that because that means you don't have my undivided attention, which is something that you give to everyone....Nephew's, cousins, friends, etc. We are'nt use to this

I love you Moe

Helloo Uncle Al

Wednesday - May 7


Well, the test came back positive - Dad positively has a yucky gall bladder. They have decided to go ahead and drain it. I am hoping this brings a big sigh of relief to him and he feels a bit better after it is done. He will get the procedure done some time today.

More news later.

Love, Michelle
Hi Al,

Greetings from Illinois. We have been reading about your progress and know you will beat this. We have the couples in our Bible study praying for you and also the ladies in my women's Bible Study. From the messages that have been posted you have been covered with prayer far and wide. We're looking forward to seeing you the next time we get out to Jersey and enjoying your sense of humor. Wish we were out there so we could visit with you. The small steps of progress you make every day will add up. Hang in there. Blow some kisses our way.

Love to you and your wonderful family,
Barb & Eric

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seis de Mayo

Dad is still marching out of the woods - well, walking maybe, but on his way out.

He is having a test today to get a better look at his pancreas and gall bladder. One doctor told us he doesn't think the test will tell us any more than they already know. He just has to keep getting stronger so he can face surgery. Eventually, they will take out his gall bladder, but not today or tomorrow. It could be weeks, but his numbers and his ability to communicate are improving.

The fact that he is "speaking" to us is great. Sometimes we can't understand what he is saying but like Michael says, you can believe it's something clever! He definitely has his sense of humor and he lifts our spirits when he smiles and blows a kiss.

We'll give him your best wishes. If you want to post, please do, we will read him the entries. The instructions are in his "about me" blurb, but if you have questions send me an email or give me a call.

My dad says to tell you "ghushsdjh mmffmmff klkkkkk", which means he loves you very much.
We are getting very good at translation as you can see.



un grande saluto

Ciao Al,
sono Mario (Freccianera), scusami se non ti scrivo in inglese ma purtroppo non sono in grado di farlo, è una grandissima mia pecca ma non trovo mai il tempo e la volontà di imparare.
Comunque da quello che riesco a capire dai post le cose vanno molto bene per te e di questo sono più che felice, ti vogliamo di nuovo carico e attivo come sempre.
Un augurio di pronta guarigione a te e un saluto a tutta la tua famiglia da Mario, Paola, Giancamillo e Jacopo

Monday, May 5, 2008

Greetings again from sunny England

Dearest Al and all,
Today, Bank Holiday Monday 5th May, was a brilliant day, the sun shone warmly, I sunbathed in my garden, listening to the chirruping of the blackbirds, watching the first swallows of the summer darting about after food - and the news about Al showing great improvements both in his physical condition and his general well-being, cheered me up enormously.
I wish him a speedy recovery now that he is on that road - and send love to him and to Lee and warm greetings to the family.
Keep up the good work, dear Al, so you can soon be back at your desk once more, to say nothing of playing some golf!
Love from
Marion Porreca.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I got a Kiss!

Dad definitely air smooched me last night - yahoo! I got one to take home to my mom as well. "The boys" were jealous and tried to convince me that later he walked them to the door. Not the hospital front door, just the door to his room. I would love to believe them.

He was definitely moving his arms and legs purposefully in the afternoon and l looking at us and answering yes and no questions with head nods. Saturday same thing with lots of smiles
and I think he is trying to say something that sounds like un-ga-ga. Not sure what that might be, but my mom is changing her name to that. I am "snort" and he has been asking for me all day.

They are trying to keep him off sedation so that he'll start communicating more, so he only gets pain meds at night for sleeping. He nods "no" when we ask him if he is in pain, so I'm sure he is uncomfortable but dealing with it. No real change in CAT scan of abdomen.

Waiting for him to just fight thru this.

On another bright note, we are all enjoying visiting with one another. Our family and friends are lots of fun and we have had a lot of laughs. My dad would be happy to hear this.

He loves you all and so do we.

The Porreca Clan
Hey Al!!!

Kim And Ryan here! We posted a message the first day this blog was on but it only showed up that day and hasn't been in there since, so I decided to do it again! I know when you read this you will be feeling much better. Ryan and I want you to know how much we love you and care about what you and your families are going thru. You have always treated us as if we were truly a member of your family and for that we feel blessed. Please know that you are and always will be in our thoughts and prayers. Your strength and positive attitude will pull you through this. Oh and......the next time you want alittle extra attention....can you just fart in public or something????? (Christian will appreciate that comment) Anyway we'll be visiting you in the hospital soon. We've both had colds or allergies or something and didn't want to take the chance in exposing you to our "germs" so we'll visit when you are stronger and not so vulnerable to "catching something" Lord knows you don't need that!!! We hope you like Ryans picture! We Love you~! Porreca family...we love you all too! We're right there with you!

Love, Kim and Ryan
Hi Al

Steve and Sandi here. Tiny steps of improvement are importance and shows positive signs. With the warmer temperatures approaching, it is time to think about golf and dinner with friends.

Lee and the family. We know you guys are going through a lot and our prayers are with you. Remember the glass is always half fill and this situation will pass soon.


Remember Fallascani and Republicans love you too.

Get out of the hospital and into the Dinner’s for some scrapple and chipped beef, maybe a Philly cheese stake might help too.
Wishing you the best,
Joy and Barry Miller in Georgia
p.s. see ya in Oct.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday - the good news...

He isn't any worse! Halleluiah! We will focus on that today as there was really no forward progress. Actually, a step back as far as communication which was disappointing but apparently to be expected. I think we are going to have to set our expectations a tad lower if we are to keep our own spirits up. I'd rather live in gratitude so I'm going back to being happy the ventilator tube is out and that he is infection free.

My mom is holding up well. Like all of us, I think she was hoping for a smile by today but he definitely looked in her eyes and was trying to say something. Maybe he heard her say he still has to make the bed. She's not giving in to his demands so easily.