Saturday, January 31, 2009

l'Italia, qui veniamo (Italy, here we come)

That was from Andy! He might have added, "Look out!"

We are very excited to be going over at the end of March for the Pro Loco naming ceremony in honor of my dad.

The festivities will take place the weekend of March 27th.

Mom, myself, Mike, Jeff, and Andy will be heading over thanks to a generous gift
from mom and dad. We are all excited and feeling so grateful for the opportunity to meet the people who also loved my dad and were a big part of his life. We are very pleased that Dan Aspromonte will be joining us as well. He has to pay his own way, sorry Dan!

We will fly into Rome and drive over just like dad did on his first trip.

Will post on our return. Traveling along there's a song we'll be singin'....

We miss my dad terribly. We know you do , too. Especially if you are still checking this blog :)