Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wishing you a quick and full recovery

Dear Al,

We heard the news and are relieved that you are making steady improvement - keep it up!

You, Lee and all of your family are in our thoughts and hearts, and we look forward to seeing you again soon once you are back in action.


Rob & Mirella
Ciao Al, la scorsa estate non siamo riusciti ad incontrarci a Torricella. Hai ancora un aperitivo pagato al "Grottino", ti aspetto per il brindisi.

Carlo Liberati

Wednesday's progress - and it is progress!

Hi, all,

First of all. thank you all for your comments. They are wonderful and I know he will be deeply touched when he gets back to his computer and can read them for himself. Which my mom will not complain about :) He will also be happy to hear he never has to vacuum or make the bed. And there, now it's in writing so it's official. You can get up now, dad.

Actually, he continues to get a little better each day. Still not really communicating, but I think he has a long way to go to come up out of the fog of all the sedation and disease. You better believe he is doing his best, and we are confident that he'll be smiling at us soon.

Much love to all of you for keeping him and my mom in your prayers. Keep it up!


How rich can one man be.

Hey my Cuz:
This is Toots.
How fortunate you are to have so many well wishers, admirers and family doting over you. The east coast, the west coast and europe. There you are in the hospital, unable to do for yourself and have all of us on call, standing by for any assistance we could provide in order to get you out of that bed. We're waiting on you cuz to just give us a nod a fist or even a fart. Whichever way you care to communicate, the next move is on you.
I'll continue to be updated by Lee, Charley and Billy and am very anxious for that one particular email or phone call that tells me you are up and about. You are the patriarch of our family and that pedestal we put you on is needing a bigg butt.
Love, Rita.
Dear Al:
What a way to get a vacation. Has anyone told Lee you know everything she is saying about you? I can't wait to see her surprise.
The reports say you are doing better. We can't wait to hear that you are up and about. O
our prayers and best wishes for a total recovery are being offered.
Patsy and Charlie

Glad your doing better

You had us worried. Don't do it again!
We missed you saturday and look forward to seeing you soon. We're glad to hear the great news that your doing better. As soon as your up to visitors we will be in to see you.
When your up to it and if there is anything that we can bring you, as long as its OK with your Dr, Let us know.
Luv ya,
Bill and MaryAnne
Ciao Al

sono Mario (Freccianera), ho avuto notizie del tuo stato di salute da Dan e siamo rimasti veramente colpiti ma nello stesso tempo siamo convinti che presto saremo di nuovo insieme per ridere, mangiare e festeggiare.
Noi non possiamo fare molto dall'Italia, ma possiamo fare una cosa grandissima e importantissima che รจ quella di pregare il buon Dio per una tua rapida guarigione.
Sei nei nostri cuori e vogliamo di nuovo vedere il sorriso sul tuo volto e su quello di Lee e di tutte le persone care.
Il nostro affetto sia per te da stimolo per superare questo momento impegnativo della tua vita.
Auguri Al, ci sentiamo presto.

Mario, Paola, Giancamillo e Jacopo

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Calls You Back to Work

Dear Al,
Okay, enough is enough.  We already granted you a month vacation with Lee in Florida this year.  Now, you've decided to take another extended vacation.  Remember, we're getting paid big money to run the website.  You have to get back onboard soon -- otherwise we're both getting fired..............Wait a minute!  Is this all some sort of prank??  I bet you want me to abandon my MAC computer and learn Front Page so that I can make all the updates on the site.  Well, listen, buddy, April Fools was on April 1st.  You can't be playing pranks in the middle of April, and moreover, I'm not giving up my Apple.  So, the prank isn't working.  Al, come on, get out of that bed and back behind a computer.  We've got work to do!  A whole town and its descendants across the world are counting on us!
Al, you're very much missed.  You're not only my paesano, you're a distant relative (our family trees cross here and there),  a brother, a father, a marriage/divorce counselor, a computer advisor, etc. etc.  and the best friend/amico one could have.  
Wishing you a speedy recovery.  With great love, respect and admiration,
Dan Aspromonte in California

Hey Mr Porreca

Just wanted to stop by and say "HI"... Amy and Porreca (Andy, sorry a impossible habbit to break, not that I intend to stop it :) told me your doing way better and that made my day.. I just wanted to let you know, once your up and around I think it is time for the boys (you, me and Porreca) to hit hooters for some wings beers, and good conversation.. Ok and the girls are pretty too or so I hear.. :) Its always great seeing you when ever I'm down in your neck of the woods (don't tell your son but I actually only visit him to catch up with you and Mrs P) Well I'm glad your doing better and I'm sure in no time, you'll be up and about... Please take care of yourself and for god's sake stop flirting with the nurses, ahh who am I kidding, please pass on the word to them that I'm single and sort of good looking in a "only your mom thinks so kind of way"... :)

Love yah tons

Blais or "BLAZE"

Warm wishes from the Gerber's!!

Mr. P. - We wanted to let you know that you've been in our thoughts for the last couple weeks. Everyday we have been getting updates from Andy and Amy hoping for a speedy recovery. You and Mrs. P. promised us a sloppy-joe dinner at the Casino Night, and we will hold you to that. Oh, how we love sloppy-joe's!! We wish you the best and can't wait to hear you're all better.
Kris & Kevin Gerber

Hey Mr. P!!!! 04/29/08

We just got news from Todd and Michael that your levels have improved overnight a bit more and "Over Achiever Man" is continuing his fight against the Evil Pancreatitis! Thank goodness for that! We just can't wait to chat with you again, we've all missed hearing your laugh and your quick-witted remarks that always make us smile. Every day you've been improving and getting stronger and by the time you read these posts you'll be feeling that much better! We can't wait! I must say that the past two weeks have been tough seeing you like that and not being able to do anything to help you but pray and hope for the best. What a family you have see Mrs. P, Michelle, Michael, Jeffrey, Andy, and Lauri rally around you is amazing, I know while you're stuck in that hospital bed you can hear us sending our love and warm thoughts and I hope it helping you to get stronger and stronger. Now hurry up and heal, a hospital room is not a very fun social setting, we'd much rather chat with you around the dining room table! hahaha. Lots of Love to you as always!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello Al,

Since you've been in the hospital two of our grandsons received their First Holy Communions and we asked them to say a special prayer for you in their first thanksgiving. Well, we think God always listens to little children so you're in good hands - God's hands.

We'll keep up all the prayers and trust you to keep up the good numbers.

Camille and Joe

Best Wishes from England

Hallo Al,
(Mon 28th April) from good old England.  
What a shock it gave me when I heard the news of your attack of Pancreatitis - that is well-known to be the WORST of pains!  I felt so sorry for you.  No wonder they had to sedate you at first, to protect you from its severity!
Now, I gather, however, that your are coming round in all respects - and I wish you as speedy a recovery as may be in the circumstances...
I say loud and clear from across the ocean, "GET WELL SOON Dearest Al".  
With much love
from Marion Porreca.

All Good News!

Who knew I would ever be "excited" that my dad was breathing on his own! I like when he just does it and I don't have to think about it :) However, under the circumstances, very happy today!

The news has all ben positive for the past few? days. All of his numbers are getting closer to where they need to be and no infection. This is what we hope for.

We are so happy with doctor and nurse care. Here is "actual dialog" from Dr Todd, Mike's neighbor who has been an invaluable resource.

Do you know your Dad was extubated earlier today! He still is fairly out of it according to his nurse, but his blood gas breathing on his own was good. They removed the PICC line in his upper arm, and his fever has gone down. They also stopped some of the antibiotics. His creatinine is 2.0 continuing its normalization trend. Many solid steps forward. His confusion is likely to improve as he cleans up his blood more. Hopefully they can try to keep from sedating him, family there to keep talking to him may help with that.
All good news. I am happy and look for more improvement. I know you're happier than me.

See, I wasn't making it up.

Thanks for all the support and good wishes!

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To My Big Brother, Al


We always knew that you were in charge....always and all-ways. Here you are again, letting the hospital, the nurses, the doctors and your family, know that they can't keep a good man down.

It's been almost 2 weeks since you first arrived there and you have done nothing but improve the whole time. We're anxious for you to get well and get home. So when you are ready, let them know that you appreciate what they did but you've got golf to attend to....quickly.

Luvya/missya, Bro Bill & Helene
Michelle,  thanks so much for putting this together.  I have been eager for updates, but not wanting to call and bother you guys because you've got enough going on!

Uncle Al,

It's great to hear that you are making improvements!  You've given everyone quite the scare, but I know you will be up and cracking jokes as soon as you are ready.  Braedon was born early and we had to leave him in the hospital , so we are very familiar with the baby steps of recovery...Just keep moving forward and making ANY type of improvement.  We are thinking of you always and send our prayers to you and the rest of the terrific Porreca family!

Love you,

Nancy, Roger & the boys (good thing I didn't have a girl!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Uncle Owl

U. Owl-

I know you- you will not be in that hospital very long at all and you will be here reading this soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I love you!! Hugs and kisses..

Toni and Andrew

Speedy Recovery :)

Uncle Al The Kiddies Pal!

Shish, the word about you being sick went through the family like wild fire.

Well thats what happens when you are so loved! We are praying for you down
here in Sunny Florida that you will have a speedy recovery and that darn feeding tube will be removed very soon.

How fortunate to be getting such great care and having most of your kids close by.

Love, Sandy and Sean

Saturday, April 26, 2008


He is doing well. The deal is this...he is really sick. He has a severe case of a severe disease but he continues to make progress every day. Baby steps. Small baby steps but always forward, so we are grateful and proud of him! Very, very grateful and hopeful. Keep sending those prayers, sending positive vibes, crossing fingers and toes - it's all good and he and we appreciate it all!

My hope is that all of us will take turns posting or commenting and that he will enjoy reading it when he is all better and we can laugh about this. We are hoping are that those of you who can't visit (and really shouldn't while he is in ICU) will be able to use this to send your comments and good wishes.

The condensed back story...

He went into the hospital on Tueday evening, April 15th with sever stomach pains. Mom drove him and we all got a call in the a.m. - you know the call - everything is fine and Dad will be okay.
Ew, he was okay yesterday, why are you telling me he is okay?! Weird.
Looking back it was the "Dad is on the roof" call., but we didn't know it at the time. (You only get that line if you know the cat is on the roof joke - ask someone) Still thinking routine gall bladder surgery, not too worried. He had a gallstone that blocked his bile duct. Little did we know how much damage that did. He was in a lot of pain and had little to say the first 2 days in the hospital - then nothing. He went to ICU in the middle ofthe night - selfishly glad I wasn't on that shift. My shift, I had a panzoratti and a glass of wine. The next night - not so good. Mike got the call from from Mom that he went from bad to a little badder. Still , we were encouraged by the fact that he was getting excellent care and supervision.

We are very happy with the care he is getting in the hospital. He is in Virtua in Marlton and all of Mike's neighbors and friends seem to be his doctors - go, Todd! This is a blessing! Also, thanks to Hassan and other family and friends who can shed some light and help us feel informed and just a little bit in control. He is in ICU and his nurse only has one other patient so it is as one on one care as you could hope for. They are very smart and willing to share info. This is very good. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been through this experience! It is unnerving and humbling to say the least.

Things to be very grateful for...and believe me I am keeping a list....
My brothers and their wives and fiances are super, super, super. My dad would be sooo proud of them. They are on top of everything. So in control, and smart and funny to boot! I secretly think the nurses are in love with the boys. Wait till Jeffrey comes up and then when they get a good look at my dad...? Woohoo! They got the luck of the draw.

Right now he still has he breathing tube in but today he breathed on his own most of the day. This is great news! His lungs got some exercise and "soon" they will take the tube out. We will celebrate this! It looks really uncomfortable but they won't take it out until they feel confident that they won't have to put it back in. Could be tomorrow?

Please do what you do when you want something good to happen.. me, I'll be praying and I hope you will too, but feel free to cross your fingers, send good vibes, think good thoughts, burn some incense...whatever works for you! We will post as often as we can.

Please leave a comment for my dad - a positive note, a question..anything you like. He will love it and we love you for it.

Thank you all for your support and good wishes.

The Porreca Family
Lee, Michelle, Bob, Mike, Lauri, Jeff, Andy, Amy, Danielle, Bobby, Christian, Carly and Allie xo!